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Is there any possibility of a data center and cryptocurrency mining farm in Nepal in 2022

August 6, 2022

Possibility of a data center in Nepal

If we have really done good work in the data center, if we can prepare the market, it will also help in the development of the country. But for this, we need to develop the infrastructure first. The main requirement of a data center is electricity. Why should it always be kept hot?

If we build a data center in the Himalayan region, the cost can be reduced. That can be an option. But there can be many natural disasters. You have to be aware of that too.

Microsoft reduced the cost of ‘cooling’ by building a data center under the sea. Likewise, we can reduce the cost of ‘cooling’ by using the springs in the Himalayan region. 50 percent of the total cost of running a data center is for cooling.

If data centers are built in the Himalayas, the cost of cooling will decrease. We can go for natural ‘cooling’. You need an area that is humid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The temperature we maintain for the data center is 23/24 degrees.

Because the servers are generating heat. From this, the server and equipment should not be allowed to overheat. In addition to this, while building data centers in the Himalayas, connectivity (Internet and communication links) should be developed.

Nepal Electricity Authority is building power lines. It also has its own separate ‘connectivity’. The question may arise as to why the testing and investment of data centers in Nepal are not being done in mountainous and cold climate places by making good use of it.

In fact, there is no such environment in the current situation. Internet service providers cannot pull their own strings. Electricity Authority has its own mercury.

He thinks that everyone is making money by using the ‘life line’ of my fiber. While the authority itself does not know what that fiber is for.

He is giving things to others without using them for his own communication and system control. And the authority feels that internet service providers are making a lot of money from there.

Yes, the state agencies of our state are not in a reassuring situation. We had to give to those who were ready. I am ready to build a data center at Everest base camp.

If I take it there and it costs less than here, I will do it anyway. We need a lot of electricity. If the power goes down while I operate the data center there, the remaining power here can be consumed by others.

Data center in nepal, mining farm in nepal

The government should also help in using technology like green energy, solar, etc. to run the data center apart from electricity to promote this sector. The government can give discounts on taxes and other things when the data center is used.

Also, the government can help promote local data centers in potential markets. The government will come here and build a data center. You should be able to attract investors by saying that it is easier to build here than there.

But Nepal does not have the necessary ‘connectivity’ for the best data centers. That’s why you see data centers in Nepal in the middle of the city. Wherever there is fiber connectivity, we are working only there. However, we need data centers from East Nepal to West Nepal.

A data center requires two main things, electricity and connectivity. We need at least two sources of ‘connectivity’ forever. Its route should also be different. First of all, there is no alternative source of light here. The rating of our data center is in ‘Tier One’, ‘Tier Two’, ‘Tier Three’, and ‘Tier Four’.

No matter how much we do, we cannot upgrade from ‘Tier Two’ to ‘Tier Three’. Because what is the provision of that, if I get power, I have to get it from at least two companies. If one is ‘down’ (closed), you have to move from the other. We do not have such a situation. Another is connectivity. Connectivity should also be taken between two companies.

Two should be taken from the provider. There should be one provider from one side and another provider from the other side. If one of them is down, you have to move from the other side. So the more ‘redundant’ you can keep, the better the data center. No one comes when I say the data center goes down 2/3 times a day.

But if it is down once in 5 years, many people will come. But connectivity alone is not enough. It should also be reliable. Currently, Internet service providers are doing the work of maintaining ‘connectivity’ in Nepal. No one else is doing it.

Now it is not meant to say that the government should do the work of creating that level of ‘connectivity’. Instead, the government should help the private sector with that.

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